Social Media and How It’s Killing Your Productivity!

Is Social Media Detrimental to Your Way of Life?

In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to survive without social media. Everyone has accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Snapchat and whatnot. Our lives are inconceivable without it. We cannot imagine a morning when we don’t receive pointless ‘good morning’ messages from our relatives, or scroll mindlessly through Instagram, pausing to admire an unknown person’s life in Europe, or checking out what Trump’s latest tweet is, or obsessing over our ex’s picture with his present girlfriend on Facebook, or watching a 5 second video that Bae sent in the morning. Whether you like to admit it or not, you are addicted to your phone. And we are all so busy living in the virtual world, that real life is being put on hold. So, how is Social Media killing your productivity?

1. Loss of Concentration

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Picture this. You’ve settled down to study. Your phone is beside you. And suddenly it pings. You try and resist the temptation to check who has sent you a message. But both you and I know that you have failed. And before you know it, your phone is in your hands and you’ve spent half an hour chatting with your bestie, or talking to your crush. After that, you start exchanging memes, sending links for YouTube videos. And when you finally look up at the wall clock, it’s already been two hours and your mom is calling you for dinner. You’ve just wasted two hours of optimum study time! And that’s how your productivity goes to bits.

2. Anxiety

You just posted a new picture on Instagram. You spent a lot of time editing the picture to make it look perfect. And you even wrote a killer caption. Now you start your vigil. How many likes will that picture get? It’s been 2 hours and you’ve only got 40 likes. Did all that effort go to waste? And yet your friend who posted at almost the same time has got 60 likes. What has she got that you haven’t? How can you increase the likes? How can you be more popular? Does all this sound familiar? That anxious wait to get validated?

3. The Absence of Privacy

absence of privacy

You head to a restaurant with your gang. You immediately check into the place on Facebook. You’ve been invited to a party. So, you post an Instagram Story about it. You’ve been dumped, so now you post statuses about betrayal all over your social media. Your life can be traced through your posts. You have no sense of privacy or boundaries.

4. Unrealistic Expectations 

insecurity social media

When you’re scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, you come across people like Kylie Jenner. You look through her Instagram and marvel at her perfect body, her perfect makeup, her perfect child and then you think, ‘What have I done with my life?’ Models give you unrealistic expectations regarding your body and your face. You wonder why you can’t have that perfect skin or that perfect booty. And then you look down on yourself. And that leads to so many self-esteem issues and even contributes to depression.

5. Real Life Incapability

You will realize at one point that you spend so much time online that you don’t know who you are offline. When you hang out with your friends, the real conversation becomes difficult because you haven’t used your words in so long. You will eventually find that all of your eyes are locked on to the screen in front of you. You’ve become creatures of habit, a pretty dangerous one at that.

As you can see, social media is becoming your life. And you can’t let it take over. So try taking a few hours off from it. In the beginning, it won’t be easy, but you will figure it out. With practice and determination.

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