Radhika Apte’s and Netflix’s Love Story: Apte’s ‘Omnipresence’!

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll have heard about Radhika Apte’s and Netflix’s love story! A lot of trolls have come up in recent times, questioning Radhika Apte’s continuous presence in Netflix’s shows. People believe that she’s become the face of Netflix and they have huge problems with it! But Netflix has taken it to another level completely, feeding the trolls, and increasing the popularity of both Radhika Apte and itself!

Radhika Apte's and Netflix's Love Story!

This meme, titled ‘Omnipresent’ cropped up on the internet a few days ago, reiterating their confidence and support in Radhika. The problem arose when the actress appeared in ‘Lust Stories’, ‘Sacred Games’ and ‘Ghoul’ in a very short period of time. People seemed ro have had enough of her as this meme showed:

Radhika Apte's and Netflix's Love Story

As Radhika lovers, we think it to be a whole lot of over-exaggeration. No one complained when Daniel Craig did so many ‘Bond’ movies, or when Salman Khan comes up with the same kind of movies every Ed. And yet, Radhika here is coming up with different roles, and spectacular acting! And yet people are so unforgiving! Netflix stepped in for her!


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Recently, Apte felt the need to justify her ‘omnipresence’. In an interview, Radhika states that “It’s a sheer coincidence that my shows have come up back-to-back. I was only aware of Sacred Games being made for Netflix. I shot for Lust Stories and Ghoul almost two years ago. They were envisioned as films then. But later, the makers decided to release them online.”

Not that she should have to provide an explanation as to why she is the face of Netflix in India! She’s a superb actor and audiences should be overjoyed that such a giant streaming platform has cast her thrice in their Original Shows!


Even after it seemed like Netflix had shut down any kind of Radhika criticism, food giant Zomato came up with a good-natured meme on the actress with the caption, ‘And you thought only Radhika was versatile:’
Radhika Apte's and Netflix's Love Story

Quite witty, no? Not witty enough for the team at Netflix, evidently! They hit back with the caption, ‘Well she is everywhere’:

netflix reply

It’s hilarious! Good on you Netflix! These memes are enough to confirm Radhika Apte’s and Netflix’s love story and we all hope to see even more of Radhika Apte in future projects!

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