Indian YouTube Web Series You Should Watch!

Indian YouTube Web Series You Should Watch!

Now, all of us love YouTube and decidedly spend a lot of free time trying to find good videos to watch. If you’re a little tired of all the beauty tutorials and room decor videos, we have the perfect solution. Choose from amongst our list of Indian YouTube Web Series You should watch to fill up that lazy afternoon:

1. Little Things

Indian YouTube Web Series You should watch

Starring Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar, this is the cutest web series about a couple that lives together in Bombay. As the title suggests, it’s about the little things that happen in their life: little fights, whether it’s about Game of Thrones or going to the parlour, about where to eat, upsets about their work, taking a trip together…it has everything. Their relationship makes you want to start dating a Dhruv or a Kavya and you can’t but smile when you see the two on screen together. The series has been so successful that Netflix has taken them up for a second season. We can’t wait! It’s one of the best Indian Youtube Web series you should watch!

Click Here: To watch the first episode on YouTube.

2. Bang Baajaa Baarat

bang baajaa baarat

Bang Baajaa Baarat is a hilarious watch about a modern couple’s romance. But when it comes to their marriage they realize that their bubble has popped. Marriage is a union of families and their families are from two diametrically opposite poles. What ensues is a mini circus of diversions and covert actions. Will they even get married? You have to find out.

As an icing on the cake, it stars two insanely good-looking people, Ali Fazal and Angira Dhar. You might know her from Netflix’s Love Per Square Foot and him from Fukrey.

Click Here: To watch the first episode of Bang Baajaa Baarat

3. Engineering Girls

engineering girls

Engineering Girls stars three Indian YouTubers, Sejal Kumar, Kritika Avasthi and Barkha Singh. It’s a story about three unlikely friends in college. They stand up for one another but sometimes become each other’s enemies too. It’s a classic college tale that you can identify with, especially if you’re sitting with your girlfriends. It’s a perfect Lazy Saturday afternoon watch!

Click Here: To watch the first episode of Engineering Girls.

4. Adulting


Dice Media’s ‘Adulting’ is an extremely relatable web series. It’s about two roommates who are perpetually broke and still trying to enjoy life to the maximum. Their first episode is angst against the Justin Beiber concert which a lot of us can relate too. Two girls, living alone, and their struggles with each other and the world outside, showed in a comic-feel good manner. It’s the story of our lives.

Click Here: To watch the first episode of Adulting.

5. College Romance

college romance

It’s a tale about three best friends. One girl and two guys. And their dating life. They fall for unlikely people and the story is about how they balance their friendship with their love lives. Again, it’s relatability is its selling point and it’s a hilarious watch. Their handling of sex is also laudable in a society where its considered taboo. Go Give this fun series a watch!

Click Here: To watch the first episode of College Romance.

Hopefully, you like some of them if not all. But these are definitely some of the best Indian YouTube Web Series You should watch!

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