Has ‘Ghoul’ revolutionized Indian Horror? Have a look!

‘Ghoul’ was first released on August 24th, 2018. Like almost all the Indian Netflix Original shows that have been produced, it stars Netflix Queen, Radhika Apte. She had previously been a part of ‘Lust Stories’ and ‘Sacred Games’, both portraying diametrically different genres. ‘Ghoul’ was a polar opposite of both, being dubbed as part of the horror genre. So, has ‘Ghoul’ revolutionized Indian Horror? Yes, yes and a million times YES!

has 'Ghoul' revolutionized Indian Horror


What is a ghoul? What is the title a reference to? It draws from Arabian folklore, involving selling your soul to the devil. Once you have, you have called upon the ‘ghul’ that will possess your body and make everyone around you face their guilt. Oh, and once it’s done with revenge, it will possess your body and move on to its next victim. Sounds scary yet? Wait till you see it for yourself!

Radhika plays the role of Nida, who turns her own father in for propagating literature dubbed as ‘anti-national’. There is no time specificity in the series. It shows a dystopian world where adherence to the norm is the easiest way to survive. It’s reminiscent of the fascist state in Germany at the time of the Second World War. It also seems apt given the way things are progressing in this country.

5 weeks before her training is complete, Nida is transferred to a secret base, seeming to utilize her skills to question one of the worst terrorists the country has seen. The horror, not evident in the first episode is amped up in the last two. For this is when the ghoul makes its appearance, going on a veritable spree of vindication. The isolation and blackness within the base only contribute to the heart in your mouth moments.



This isn’t a show for the light-hearted. And it’s not a comic horror fest where you laugh out loud at the portrayal and implausibility fo what happens. ‘Ghoul’ is scary in all that it is unafraid to show. Those dead black eyes, the eerie effect that the ghoul has, the mystery at who’s body the ghoul has possessed and the death or deaths that take place will make you want to turn on the light and run screaming from your seat. So, it’s a recommendation: Don’t watch it at night. But if you genuinely enjoy horror, go for it. and be prepared for at least one sleepless night!

Click Here: To watch the trailer if you need visual confirmation!

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